December 24 / 2020

ALP_, more than 100 years weaving luxury rugs and carpets

Founded in 1918 in the old Arab Albaicín neighbourhood in Granada, LA ALPUJARREÑA is today one of the largest and oldest handcrafted rug factories in Europe. Located now in the nearby town of La Zubia, in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, the company employs 40 artisans and artists, who create magnificent rugs and carpets for residential and contract projects.



Tied to traditional Arabic weaving skills, they use three production methods – the Alpujarra knot, the Turkish knot, known as the Ghiordés knot, and the more recent hand-tufting technique, that was introduced into their manufacture in the 1980s. Over the time, their carpets have been incorporating more contemporary designs from big names of the world of Design and Art – Kandinsky, Salvador Dalí, Eileen Gray, Javier Mariscal, Álvaro Siza, Óscar Tusquets, Frank Lloyd Wright, Piet Mondrian, among many others. These creations have made of La Alpujarreña a key player in the carpet industry with creations present in prestigious public spaces and hotels, in the corporate building s of companies and organizations, and in private residences as well.


ADOQUIN rug | CONTEMPORARY Collection | Lorenza Fernandez-Cabrera | ALP_

ALP_ is a new concept developed in 2011 in collaboration with Lievore Altherr Molina to keep up with new trends and current issues, such as environment-friendly production practices and sustainability. The new brand represents an evolution towards a new language that perfectly fuses the traditional essence of Alpujarreña with quality, service, versatility and great design.



All along the production process, eco-friendly practices should are used, starting from the supply of natural and sustainable like wool, cotton, linen, Tencel and silk.


DUNAWAY rug | DESIGNER RUGS Collection | Lisa Beltrán | ALP_

Rugs and carpets are included in 7 different collectionsHandwoven Carpets, Contemporary, Designer Rugs, Geometric, Classic, Monochromatic and Limited Editions. They are offered in 15 different structures and a wide range of colours and they can also be made to order adapting to clients’ specifications in terms of size, colours and shape.



Let’s have a look at the newest creations in the successful Handwoven Carpet, Contemporary and Designer Rugs collections…


Every rug and carpet from the Handwoven Collection is a handcrafted masterpiece. Drawing on ancient artisanal weaving techniques and counting on the work of skilled weavers, ALP_ has created models that enhance the living space and lounge areas of those who appreciate fine craftsmanship made to last.



FLAT TETRIS rug | HANDWOVEN CARPETS Collection | Lorenza Fernández-Cabrera | ALP_

Natural, elegant and literally versatile, the FLAT TETRIS and FLAT WAY rugs area a creation by Lorenza Fernández-Cabrera and the latest addition to this charming collection that place value on tradition and memory. Pure new wool is hand-woven in a natural jute weave and a natural linen warp so that the rugs are equally beautiful on both sides; they can be reversed as many times as you want.



FLAT WAY rug | HANDWOVEN CARPETS Collection | Lorenza Fernández-Cabrera | ALP_

With a design inspired by Tetris tile-matching video games, FLAT TETRIS harmoniously combine tradition and modern style bringing a touch of understated sophistication to contemporary spaces. On the other hand, with its simple, linear aesthetics the FLAT WAY rug is a classic all-round talent that reveals its decorative effect in any room.


Soft textures, curved lines, abstract aesthetics and vivid colours inspired by the trends of the 20th and 21st century take the centre stage in the ALP_’s Contemporary Collection.

These rugs are designed for spacious and bright areas where they make a strong artistic statement adding not only comfort but also a lot of style and vibrancy.


ROYAL SUITE rug | CONTEMPORARY Collection | Jacobo Pérez Enciso | ALP_

Designed by Jacobo Pérez Enciso, ROYAL SUITE is a hand-tufted rug and a new launch for the 2021 season. The rug boasts an attractive abstract design and is perfect to give the space a cohesive unity.


ROYAL SUITE rug | CONTEMPORARY Collection | Jacobo Pérez Enciso | ALP_

ROYAL SUITE is available in different structures to adapt to different uses: Domestic (100% pure new wool), Contract (100% pure new wool, higher thickness), Silky (100% Tencel) and Wool & Silk (50% natural silk, 50% pure new wool).


No doubt that rugs play a major part in the design of a living room space. It covers most of the floor and can make a big statement. Moreover, they are authentic works of art that provide spaces with a unique allure.


ARBRE rug | DESIGNER RUGS Collection | Lisa Beltrán | ALP_

For this reason, ALP_ collaborates with specialized designers to create unique rugs in a wide choice of styles, from minimalist and abstract to the most elaborate, for every space at home or in public facilities, even a five-star hotel hall and a guest room. Regardless of whether you appreciate natural materials, such as wool, silk, jute and linen, or love to make a bold statement with a patterned design, in the DESIGNER RUGS Collection, there is a rug to complement every room’s furnishing.


ARBRE rug | DESIGNER RUGS Collection | Lisa Beltrán | ALP_

ARBRE and LOREN are two hand-tufted rugs that are a perfect foundation for a stylish coffee table, to pull a contemporary living room together. Designed by Lis Beltrán, ARBRE is perfect to set a natural atmosphere in your space. It features a stylized image of a tree against a simple plain coloured backdrop and is available in different structures (Contract, Domestic, Wool & Silk and Silky Wool).


LOREN rug | DESIGNER RUGS Collection | Pepe López | ALP_

For impact, make it abstract. Created by Pepe López, LOREN is a high-end hand-tufted round-shaped designer carpet that features a vibrant abstract design in modern, vibrant colours, which are suitable for any modern room setting. Its curved, crisp lines in vivid and dark colours intersect throughout the rugs creating an intriguing effect similar to a play of sun and shadows.


LOREN rug | DESIGNER RUGS Collection | Pepe López | ALP_

All ALP_ rugs are the perfect accompaniment to any room, with the power to add character, style and colour to every decor. The different collections allow interior designers to play with colours, materials and structures to accent spaces and create unique atmospheres.


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