September 28 / 2016

ACTIU, promoting the cool working in the Asian market

A new work philosophy has just taken root in Asia. Shanghai and Jakarta, two of the most thriving markets in Asia with significant investments in infrastructures and sustainable development, have proved perfect settings for the presentation of the Spanish office furniture manufacturer ACTIU and the launch of its new “cool working” revolutionary concept in China and Indonesia. Discover more!

BADMINTON chairs, WING chairs and the LONGO table from ACTIU: a great combination for

The innovation, the product quality, the environment-friendly manufacturing processes and the capability to customize every product following the specifications of clients are some of the arguments that have convinced the Indonesian Bahans Wisesa Intiberkat (BWI) and the Chinese Work Wonders to start a collaboration with ACTIU.

ACTIU and WORK WONDERS join forces to promote the Spanish brand and the cool working concept in China

Work Wonders is a company with a long-established heritage in manufacturing furniture. Now, thanks to this new collaboration with ACTIU, the Chinese firm has committed itself to improving, redefining and simplifying working environments. In this way, both companies share the same work philosophy defined by the concept of Cool Working.

The inauguration of the new Chinese showroom

The new ACTIU showroom in Shanghai occupies the former space of the Italian pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo, a LEED-certified building designed by the prestigious architect Giampaolo Imbrighi.

While maintaining its distinctive features based on innovation, design and sustainability, the space has been totally refurbished to adapt to the new use. In addition to the Shanghai headquarters, a second team is being developed in Singapore, where Work Wonders also operates.

ACTIU + WORK WONDERS concept store

From Alicante to Shanghai and then to Jakarta. BWI, ACTIU’s partner in Indonesia, presented the Spanish brand to the local market. And it did it with a spectacular gala that gathers more than 700 guests, most of them outstanding professionals of the architecture and interior design sectors.

The gala organized by BWI in Jakarta to present the Spanish brand ACTIU to the local interior design market

Carefully selected representatives from the country's economics, business and political world also attended the event, including the Spanish Ambassador to Jakarta, Francisco José Viqueira Niel.

The BWI - ACTIU showroom in Jakarta

The concept of Cool Working, developed by ACTIU, was the focal point. Cool working aligns itself with the trend of office wellbeing and is all about creating a space that fosters health and happiness. A Cool Working space is a place which promotes mobility and which embodies the brand and company culture.

One of the moment of the gala...

It aims to become a place where employees can collaborate, share and innovate, and in so doing become more productive and creative in their problem solving.

The workshop in Jakarta

With people spending more of their time at work, ACTIU has designed solutions that go beyond pragmatism and combine wisely the rational and emotional aspects of work to create a friendly and warm environment in the office.

The LONGO office furniture collection by Ramos

Colours, design, materials have been studied to provide workspaces with a warm, almost a “homely” feel that invites to stay longer…

The TNK FLEX chair by Marcelo Alegre and the MOBILITY desk by Javier Cuñado for ACTIU

With new office furniture collections cubicles and tables did not have to be set up in rows, they could be arranged in hexagonal patterns that could be split up for smaller group meetings. Such in the case of the LINK line designed by Javier Cuñado which allows endless possibilities of configuration.

The LINK desk system and screen by Javier Cuñado for ACTIU

The PRISMA tables by Sylvain Carlet and Isern Serra for ACTIU

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