February 25 / 2016

7 inspiring interior décor trends on display at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2016

Quality, innovation, design, luxe décor, the 2016 edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia was a burst of inspiring ideas for creating beautiful spaces and new experiences. The brands of MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA were an outstanding presence for their offer rich in styles, colours, forms and materials. Here we highlight some of the hottest and most attractive proposals and trends on display. Get inspirations & emotions!

Firmly rooted in tradition, the Spanish furniture industry has one of the richest and most attractive offer in the home and contract markets. At the Feria Hábitat Valencia you get a hint of that as Furniture from Spain stands were overflowing with international collections focusing on haute décor, design, innovative workspaces and outdoor decoration.

Design, pragmatism, innovative materials, and tradition: these were the principal ingredients which have been highlighted in the exhibition path, which give solutions to different lifestyle requirements and provide professionals with a wide range of possibilities to personalize spaces.

Let’s have a look at the interior design trends we think will help you create the most amazing and inspiring spaces!

1. New Luxury

New luxe is above all creativity at its finest, a refined mix of superb craftsmanship, art and design. As the EMOTIONS space proposed by Colección Alexandra, a leading firm of the Spanish haute décor sector, that wowed visitors with its incredible mix of sober designs, top quality materials and great attentions to details. Made of American walnut and with leather details, the impressive DETROIT modular bookcase and coffee table, a new launch of the brand, feature a unique, refined vintage crackled lacquer effect (craquelé).

EMOTIONS ambience, Colección Alexandra: BOWIE sofa, DETROIT bookcase and coffee table, TUPE armchairs

Natural warmth tones, noble wood, such as the iroko and ebony, glam accents and extreme comfort were protagonists in TECNI NOVA’s stand. The stunning bedroom, a new addition to the FORTUNE catalogue, stood out for the charming fabrics and lacquers and the haute couture details.

FORTUNE bedroom, Tecni Nova

Elegance and sophistication is bought to a new level by the KLASS collection of the Valencia-based CANELLA, whose family has been enlarged with the addition of new pieces that perfectly combine the most exquisite craftsmanship with technological innovation.

KLASS bookcase, Muebles Canella

The new level of excellence is given by the new finishes which include the unique ash burl veneers and the precious nickel and graphite elements.

2. Timeless excellence & statement pieces

Art Deco was indeed one of the most exciting decorative styles of the last century, and is one that still influences contemporary geometric designs these days. In Valencia we saw some good examples, such as the new AUSTIN collection from the MARINER’s Gallery Catalogue. Inspired by the Art Déco period of the 1930s, it features a glamorous design, enhanced by the ash burl wood with sycamore inlays and gold plated bronze handles.

AUSTIN dining room collection, Mariner

Exotic woods, such as the ebony, Makassar ebony or the palisander, and precious handmade finishes prevail also in PRISMAS, the new luxury Art-deco inspired dining room collection of TOMAS & SAEZ.

PRISMAS sideboard; Tomás

The open floor plan is indeed one of the strongest trend of the latest years. Nevertheless, owners of sophisticated interiors are reluctant to turn their dining room into a hybrid of dining, lounge and office spaces. And what is better than an attractive table to turn this space from bland to bold? With beautiful Art Deco inspired marquetry and a transparent glass base, the new table of the COLECCION ALEXANDRA’s EVOLUTION catalogue is an extremely attractive option to create a “wow” feeling in the guests’ minds and let your glamorous side free.

LIFT CHRYSLER table, Colección Alexandra

Another stunning table is TIVOLI of the Barcelona-based VALENTI. Made of fine natural walnut veneers, with a sculptural stainless steel base, it has a precious top finished high gloss with a characterful radial pattern.

TIVOLI table, Valentí

It seems that Chesterfield sofas never go out of fashion. They are now more than ever and elegant way to bring a sense of solidity and tradition to a modern room. Especially in combination with attractive organic shaped, natural occasional tables.

CHESTERFIELD sofa, FORTUNE collection, Tecni Nova

As in this space of TECNI NOVA…

3. Global inspirations

Spain has a rich artisan tradition; nevertheless, every now and then foreign cultures are used to add new intriguing twists to decorative schemes. For the MEDINA coffee and occasional tables, as well as for the OMAN pouf, inspirations came mainly by Arabian craftsmanship.

MEDINA tables and OMAN pouf, Colección Alexandra

We have to go even further to find the source of inspiration for the GAUDI bar cabinet of VALENTI, which recall ancient Chinese round-shaped bookcases. Other Far Eastern reminiscences can also be seen in the decorative details of the MASCARON collection.

GAUDÍ cabinet, Valenti

Eclectic and timeless by definition, the Valencia-based CONTRADICTIONS look into different trends and cultures in order to find new inspirations for its whimsical interior schemes.

Hand carved wall clock and wooden sideboard

Africa, China, India, Latin America; they are all a source of new ideas to add drama and an urban chic edge to the trendiest contemporary spaces.

4. The natural revival

Bringing nature and handcrafted objects into the home is another major trend we have detected in Spanish stands. The combination of natural materials, such as natural wood, stone, leathers, natural fibres, metals (in particular brass and steel), was one of the highlights. Combinations varied from classic ones such as noble wood and marble to more unconventional ones such as recycled wood and steel. Simplicity of form and a harmonious use of materials are key to achieve a warm, relaxed mood.

Fine noble wood veneers in the MON collection, Hurtado

JOENFA NATURE mixes in a very smart way metals with homey craftsmanship: recycled woods is combined with organic shapes and industrial material for a unique rustic chic mood.

JOENFA NATURE collection

In GUADARTE’s latest proposals the natural appeal is even more accentuated with furniture made of natural wood, fabrics in neutral, calm tones, all of them contrasting with steel details, golden brass elements and glass surfaces.

SAVANNAH line, Guadarte

The rustic charm of rattan is here to stay and firms such as EXPORMIM and POINT have made a good use of it. Take for example the FONTAL chair by Oscar Tusquets, the FRAME chair by Jaime Hayón or the NAUTICA hanging seat by Mut design for EXPORMIM: they are aimed at giving a new life to an ancient handicraft tradition while responding to an increasing demand for natural, environmentally friendly materials.

The FRAME chair by Jaime Harón and the TEAM occasional table by Mario Ruiz for Expormim

Another natural material which is on trend is marble and stone surfaces. We have seen a lot of intriguing tables with noble stone surfaces.

The OBOE sofa by Ximo Roca complemented by the new marmble tables, Latorre

Just some examples: the KLASS dining table of CANELLA, with an amazing oval shaped marble top; the occasional tables of the SOHO collection of HURTADO and the TIVOLI collection of VALENTI; and the new white marble coffee tables of EXPORMIM and LATORRE, the latter with precious golden details.

GRADA occasional tables by Lievore Altherr Molina, Expormi: marble top and stainless steel frame

Metal is always a good option to add uncontrived elegance and give an exciting edge to pretty much any scheme.

New KLASS dining room with elliptical shaped marble top and nickel base, Muebles Canella

Soft, warm toned metal, as pale gold, rose gold and copper, have stolen the scene, but we detected also a strong presence of brass and gold.

New dining table with rose gold base and glass top, Hanbel

As usual, chromed accents are widely used to keep interiors crisp.

Dining group with chromed accents, Contradictions

5. Bright colours vs earth tones

Following one of the strongest trend of the latest years, Spain’s companies are looking to nature for their colour palette. Main focus here is to bring the outside in with mossy greens and dark blues and ultramarines tones. To soothe and keep the schemes relaxed, ANDREU WORLD, KOO INTERNATIONAL and CARMENES offer their latest sofa models in the most natural hues.

MANFRED sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina for Andreu World

WALLACE collection by A.P.O. for Carmenes

The refined Rose Quarz and Serenity light blue, new Pantone colours for 2016, are already setting new trends. Nevertheless, grey and earth tones are still a good option when it comes to provide an ambience with a sophisticated, contemporary look that’s clean and cosy all at once.

EDWIN sofa, Koo International

The fun, colourful note is given by sofa upholstered in bright colours and colourful furniture, such as the new proposals we have seen in the stands of B&V and CAPDELL.

IKON sofa by Alegre Design and SLÄDE armchairs by edeestudio for B

GAZELLE tables by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Capdell

6. The Mediterranean flair

Mediterranean people are all great aficionados of the open air life, but Spaniards know better than any other how to add sunshine and smartness to outdoor spaces.

DNA collection by José A. Gandía-Blasco for Gandía Blasco

Spain’s outdoor ranges have been improved with new weather and fade-resistant materials (Shintotex, Teflon, Sunbrella, Batyline, Sergio Ferrari, epoxy paints…) in order to make it possible to create an open-air oasis for dinner parties, cocktail gatherings and weekend relaxation.

CREATER chairs and SANTIAGO daybed by Santiago Sevillano Sebastia for Skyline Design

It’s all about moving indoor comfort outside…

RAY carpet and ROUND outdoor collection by Francesc Rifé for POINT: an amazing combination of natural grade-A teak wood and Shintotex fibres...

7. Bringing the outdoors inside

On the other hand, many outdoor products can also been used indoors, moving the cozy and attractive atmosphere of a patio inside…

PLUMP modular sofa, upholstered in the new OMEGA fabric, specifically produced by the Danish firm Gabriel for Expormim

This is not necessarily a new idea, but it is a popular trend in the Spanish outdoor furniture industry. Companies such as EXPORMIM, CALMA or POINT create spaces that seek to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Just add some green and start landscaping…

DORM sofa and OM sunshade, Calma

Outdoor fabrics are becoming increasingly hard to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics, and many interior designers are bringing them inside, where their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic dining room and living room furniture, as in the case of the DORM sofa of CALMA or the PLUMP sofa by Studio Expormim with new Omega outdoor upholstery.

SIESTA modular sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina for Andreu World, suitable for indoor

As with any trend, you should always look for ways to personalise them to perfectly fit with the required style, taste and need. All the Spanish companies offer a wide range of materials, finishes, fabrics, colours to choose from to configure in the best way your interior designs. Many of them can also work on bespoke basis for major residential, hospitality and office projects.

Design - Photo Gallery

Classic - Photo Gallery

Modern - Photo Gallery

Stay in tune with us for more inspirations…


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