InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

Shangai, China

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, located on the She Shan mountain range, on November 15th 2018, is a hotel based on high-rise buildings. The hotel presents an unconventional design that expands the underground space reflecting the natural landscape of a 90-meter-deep quarry. It is considered the lowest hotel in the world.

VONDOM worked together with CCD (Cheng Chung Design) to create an outdoor platform on the 14th underground floor, following the concept of balance and making sure that the indoor decoration was perfectly integrated in the exterior natural surroundings. With their sculptural, expressive form, collections FAZ and ULM by Ramón Esteve, MOMA by Javier Mariscal and FIESTA by Archirivolto, including the exclusive and contemporary outdoor furniture, were chosen to create an atmosphere of harmony and serenity.

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