Cortinas Ginés & Reintegral Construcción Showroom

Elche, Alicante, Spain

Natural and modern elements merge creating a harmonious and timeless environment in this elegant showroom created by Antonio García Treviño, interior designer at Dekorasihome, for the family business Cortinas Ginés & Reintegral Construcción, a comprehensive decoration services firm, a benchmark in its field .

In terms of design, beauty and harmony, as well as noble materials, such as wood, marble, terracotta and raffia, are key factors in this projects. For its part,  the selection of furniture with metal accents, the velvets, the circular lamps and the golden and black furniture, which are so characteristic of VICAL HOME decorating offer, provides contrast and the right dose of intrigue to this sophisticated space.

[Interior design: Dekorasihome]