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Valentí is a company in the high-range decoration industry with a long tradition and artisan roots.Their products are influenced by the decorative arts and the renaissance of craftsmanship applied to modernity.Its designs are unique products, made with the attention and care of a silversmith, which are exclusive and loaded with sophistication. In the manufacture of the products, the last technologies and innovation serving the traditional handicraft techniques are combined and also the shapes and the finishing as well as the use of the first raw materials are cared for in detail.However, Valentí, despite its two-century track is not a company which remains stuck in the past.

Based on its experience, it challenges the future and reinvents itself every day to reach all the audiences, by creating new design lines which include the most classical pieces of furniture to the new vintage or contemporary lines, and in areas which are so different and complementary such as chairs, sofas, lighting, silversmith , stoneware or furniture.With an international projection, looked after with detail and greatest care from  50 years, Valentí is present in cities like Rome, Paris, London, New York, Seoul  or Tokyo.


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