Sancal offices

Yecla, Murcia - Spain

All the office's moribund beige walls, both physical and metaphorical, were ripped out. In its place, the interior design studio Taza & Tacillas created in interior "garden" where vitality can flourish. The carpet features a path that runs past long tables topped with TARTANA acoustic canapes. A giant illustration of potted plants by Malota follows the organic theme.

The reception and offices have been furnished with the TARTANAS acoustic canapes, PION tables and stools, REW XXL sofas, MOSAICO collection, TEA chairs, CASTA armchairs, SUMO, KONOHA bench / pouffe, SILLA40, PERIGALLO stools, MANDARINA and CAIRO cushions, PAULIS , VICHY tables and FLOAT sofas.

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