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Riperlamp Group

The design is at the heart of the company and it is this axis that allows architects, interior designers and designers to create unique spaces through light.

Since the birth of RIPERLAMP, in 1985, the ambition was to create inspiring pieces that are loved. For this, they look for perfection in all aspects of the designs. Throughout all these years, RIPERLAMP has specialized in designing and producing decorative lighting elements for both residential and commercial use; as well as the ability to carry out tailor-made projects.



Indoor lighting


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Roccoforte Hotel, Praga

Czech Republic
  • Hospitality


Photo tours

Photo Tour: Feria Hábitat Valencia 2018 - Haute Décor Hall


Photo tour: I Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2017


Photo tour: Feria Hábitat Valencia 2017 - Haute Décor from Spain