Golf & Spa Resort Weimarer

Blankenhain, Germany

The Weiermare Golf & Spa Resort is a 4-star hotel located in Blankenhein. This resort surrounded by green and natural spaces  has a 36 hole golf couse, heated pools, sauna, relaxation rooms, family suites, double suites ... One of the main attractions of this hotel are its independent rooms,that steal the spotlight from the immense Golf course. Recently the hotel has wanted to give the suites a facelift, so they have contacted Ormo´s company to include designer sofas and armchairs that further improve their appearence and comfortof the guest rooms. For the resort restaurant, they have opted to include armchairs of different styles and colors that match the dark and redish tones of the space, always betting on the personalized and high-quality furniture that offered by Ormo´s firm.

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