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Ondarreta is one of the three beaches that surround the bay of the city of San Sebastián. A beach that holds the secrets of those who have vacationed in the water and the roots of a woodworking shop that would eventually begin a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture.

There, in the heart of the Basque country, driven by his passion for woodworking, a desire to turn it into something else, to give it shape and form, he founded Ondarreta mesas y sillas in 1977.

Today, 36 years later, Ondarreta is a family business that has developed from one small atellier close to the Ondarreta seafront to where it is today, a leader in the field of equipment and bespoke furniture.

At Ondarreta, we not only manufacture, we also seek to offer innovative solutions through research and continuous development of models and materials, responding to the needs of both customers and market trends.

We are confident that due to our hard work and daily effort we can help create a culture of good design that is also sensitive to the needs of society and the environment. From the point of view of corporate social responsibility an important objective is to boost the economy by creating jobs both directly and indirectly by supporting emerging designers who share a similar attitude to that with which we approach our projects.

In short, Ondarreta is a company that has respected its own identity, forged over the years, and that has paved its way of being and doing, relying on quality design and intellectual property.

Every great story has a beginning. This is ours.




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  • Restaurants & Cafés
  • Restaurants & Cafés


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