Paradisus Los Cayos Hotel

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

The firm has supplied bespoke lighting products to the hall, restaurants, bar and cafes, corridors and rest areas of this five-star hotel located in one of the most exclusive location in Cuba. The modern style of the lamps combines with the neutral tones of the interior decoration enlivened here and there by touches of color that provides spaces with warmth and sophistication.

GARCIA REQUEJO has supplied a wide range of luminaires with different designs and styles that complement each other and meet the needs of each area adapting to the different spaces of the hotel - common areas, restaurants, rooms, suites, etc.-.

One of the great concerns when tackling this project was the need for the luminaires installed outdoors to cope with the rigorous conditions of the island's tropical climate. To this end, the firm has developed the Transfer surface finish, a new generation of outdoor furniture and lighting solutions with high functional and aesthetic added value.

García Requejo

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