URBAN A+++ Hotel

Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain

Located in Tres Cantos, 29 km from Madrid, URBAN A+++ is the first hotel fully furnished by Fama. The firm's professional team has worked on the design and the equipment of more than 30 guest rooms as well as a great number of common areas, including wardrobes, curtains, mattresses, headboards, TV frames, armchairs, and sofas. Each room has a unique design, where different colours were used according to the room’s typology.

The reception furniture is made of oak wood and Krio. The reception equipment consists of high desks with unique digital printed table taps and upholstered stools. For the breakfast area, FAMA has developed a new upholstered bench and has supplied its MILLI chairs, oak wood tables, and the TORO armchairs, combining the plain CLUB fabrics with the patterned fabrics of the WANDER Collection. The walls of the landing areas have been decorated with the amazing wallpapers from the WANDER Collection which brings freshness and visual impact to these spaces.

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