About us

Mueble de España is the brand created by the Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters with the aim of projecting the image of Spanish furniture and supporting its prestige in the foreign markets.

The brand "Mueble de España" is present in numerous fairs and commercial missions thanks to the participation of the companies that come grouped to these events.


Trend in Spanish furniture exports

  2014 2015 Variation
Value 1,692 1,857 +9.8%

* Figures in million euros

At the end of 2014, Spanish furniture exports have registered an increase of +9.8%, amounting to 1,857 million euros.

On the import side, figures indicate that, compared to the same period in 2015, Spain’s furniture imports were worth 1,492 million euros, which represents an increase by +10.7%.

Import and export figures reveal that the deficit of the Spanish trade balance amounted to -488,989 million euros, while the import/export coverage ratio made up 67.2%.