I Saloni Milano 2015 Design: sitting in style

Making a modern design statement is easier than you think. A simple chair or sofa can change the mood of your interior décor. In halls 6, 7, 8 and 16 the Spanish ANDREU WORLD, VICCARBE, CAPDELL and LATORRE will showcase a handpicked choice of new stylish yet practical designs that will surely upgrade your lounge experience. Let’s have a seat and learn more…

andreu world raglan collection piergiorgio cazzaniga (more…)

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I Saloni Milano 2015 Design: smart indoor living

Timeless charm and sleek designs define the Spanish designer offer on display in halls 6, 8 and 10. Brands such as ARLEX, LOYRA, MOBLIBERICA and LA EBANISTERIA will unveil in Milan some elegant, new design items and furnishing programme for home and contract use. A varied menu, full of the creative verve and the stylish appeal of made in Spain creations. Get a preview!

loyra ios collectionbookcase


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I Saloni Milano 2015 Classic: contemporary classic décor

The contemporary-classic taste is making its way into the ever evolving panorama of the haute décor. A more modern and less overelaborate character transpires also from the latest interior proposals that AMBOAN, CANELLA, LLASS, HURTADO, VALENTI, LINEAS TALLER and TOMÁS & SAEZ will showcase in hall 1. With unexpected, unique accents that won’t go unnoticed…

valenti portofino bedroom


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I Saloni Milano 2015: PANAMAR press release

For the aficionados of good quality, not expensive classic furniture, PANAMAR will showcase in Milan some of the latest additions to its already extensive range of home furnishing. Refined marquetry, attractive wood veneers, lacquers, curvaceous lines and carved elements feature in the new bedroom, living and dining furniture adding a cozy warm feel to the decoration. Click on the press release to discover more and pay them a visit in Hall 2 Stand M27 / N26…

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I Saloni Milano 2015 Classic: classic elegance & tradition

Despite the increasing trend for less ornate formal solutions, traditional furniture is still on high demand as it conveys a romantic and refined feel that accentuates the beauty and refinement of ambiences. You will find an example of it in halls 2 and 3, where CREACIONES FEJOMI, GENOVEVA, MONRABAL CHIRIVELLA and PANAMAR put on display their complete furnishing proposals full of accurate craftsmanship and beauty at affordable prices. Seeing is believing…

panamar 2015 bedroom


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I Saloni Miano 2015 Classic: haute décor & grand style

Noble wood, gilding, marquetry and hand carving stays at the core of Spain’s classic furniture production and have contributed to its prestige all over the world. The top-quality collections of firms such as CANELLA, MOBLESA and VICENTE ZARAGOZÁ, on display in halls 1 and 4, have been used to provide charm and beauty to VIP residences and important governmental institutions. Wish to discover why? Click and learn also more about CENZERO, a new brand in the Spain’s classic furniture sector…

canella aleman bedroom (more…)

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I Saloni Milano 2015 Classic: made in Spain luxe & glamour

Firmly rooted in tradition, the Spanish haute décor is rich in inspirations but it strives also to provide products with new, exclusive twists. This is the case of brands such as COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA, SOHER, EPOCA, GUADARTE, MARINER and TECNI NOVA, which represent the cream of the Spain’s furnishing industry and in Milan, in halls 1 and 4, will impress their aficionados with collections that have a strong appeal as well as unique luxury feel. Let’s get previews!

colección alexandra ambience


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CANCIO, value proposals for kitchen and contract spaces

CANCIO is a rather remarkable enterprise. One of Spain’s best known names in the kitchen furniture sector, this Valladolid-based firm has strived to offer the widest and most diverse range of tables, chairs and stools for kitchens, living and contract spaces. Always paying great attention to quality and changes in styles and trends. Let’s learn more…

cancio evuala collection

EVUALÁ collection, CANCIO


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New showroom in Shanghai for AMBOAN

A specialist in classic contemporary high-end décor, AMBOAN is celebrating the opening of its first showroom in one of the most prestigious furniture stores in Shanghai, the DOMUS AUREA. Follow us and discover more…

amboan domus aurea shanghai china

A view of the AMBOAN’s showroom at DOMUS AUREA in Shanghai, China


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I Saloni Milano 2015: a showcase for 62 Spanish brands

In April 14 to 19, the 54th edition Il Salone del Mobile will open its doors to style, quality and innovation. As a part of its roadshow at main events of the furnishing industry, MUEBLE DE ESPAÑA will be in Milan again with a collective participation of 62 companies that represents the best of Spain’s design and creativity. Wishing to experience emotions? Get the list of our exhibitors and save your date with them…

il salone internazionale del mobile 2015 spanish exhibitors (more…)

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